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Concert Review: Patrons of Sweet, Abandoned Buildings Club, Barrel Harbor

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I believe in the almighty -- the almighty loud, that is. I'll get behind it, or rather in front of it, if it's paired up with good. That's what I got Thursday night following an incredible and incredibly funny set from Anglo hippity-hoppers Garden Fresh. These guys are the perfect blend of brainiac and maniac.

But back to loud. Buffalo power trio Patrons of Sweet's line check was a bit shrill, yet during its roughly hour-long set at Tala Vera the blend was appropriate and served the songs well. This is a very good band in the line of proto-punk like Fugazi and any number of bands you'd find in every teenager's collection (back when I was a teenager, anyway, in the 1900's). That's not to say it's dated, it's just that the music moves within beloved parameters while still managing to forge ahead. I can't wait to see this band again.

Headliners Abandoned Buildings Club produced a wall of sound and thunder thanks to two -- count 'em -- two drummers. This didn't muddy the focus a bit, but as you can imagine it added to the drive of the bass and guitar, along with vocals with heaps of vintage-cool slap back. I call for more slap back, please.

Caught Barrel Harbor's set as part of a five-band bill at Montage Music Hall Saturday night. It was loud, mid-tempo hardcore that left room for spots of acceleration that the band could have taken better advantage of. Still and all, the band's low and loud brutality was pretty cool.

I haven't written about Buddhahood in a while, and in fact I've never written about the version of the local band that I saw later that night. What an incredible show. Still in the throes of assorted line-ups, this version rocked steady, rocked hard, and rocked out in not so much a hippy jam but a polyrhythmic brass-tacular rock 'n' roll tempo tantrum.

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