CITY Visits … SOTA’s prom 

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On Friday, June 2, CITY visited the School of the Arts’ junior and senior prom at Urban Euphoria to see the kids get fancy and ask about their post-graduation and summer plans.

Photos by Lauren Petracca, with interviews by Rebecca Rafferty

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Kydell Myrie, senior
“I’m probably going into the Air Force.”

Kyra Tappin, senior

“I’m going to Keuka College for criminology.”

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Leah Bauergast, senior
Visual arts major

“I’m going to take a gap year, but then I’ll go to college for Greek and Roman history.”

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Jariana Rodriguez, senior
Orchestra: violin major

“I plan to go to SUNY Brockport as undeclared. This summer I want to spend a lot of time outdoors with friends, hiking and hopefully kayaking.”
Tell me about your outfit.
“Most of it is from my mom. I wouldn’t be all glammed up if it wasn’t for her.”

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Meredith Mazur, junior
Orchestra: violin major

“I might go into teaching. This summer I’m gonna work a lot and see my cousin in New York.”

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Pedro Lebron, senior
Drama major

“I’m going to North Dakota State University for vet tech and zoology, I plan to be a zoologist. This summer I’m hanging out with family and friends, doing the most I can here before I move for college.”

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Lavender Ashley, senior
Vocal and drama major

“I’m going to New York University for dramatic writing. Hopefully getting a job this summer. I got my dress at the Fairy Godmothers of Rochester. It was five bucks, and I love it.”

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Jamari Tanksley, senior at Monroe High School
“I’m going to trade school to be an engineer.”
Aliyah Townsend, senior
Dance major

“I’m going to take the pre-reqs to be an ultrasound technician.”

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Ja’Von Gamble, senior
Vocal major

“I plan on attending Buffalo State University for interior design, but ultimately I will pursue a music career. This summer I’m just going to work and have fun before I have to really become an adult and figure the world out for myself."
Anything you want to say about your outfit?
“I was inspired by Chadwick Boseman’s 2018 Met Gala look when he wore white and gold with red and I was like, I can do that, make it more my style and modern.”

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Zaire Horton, senior
Home-schooled in Chicago

"I’m a pilot. I’ve been flying since I was 14, and I’m about to be a flight instructor.”
Anything you’d like to say about your outfit?
“Nah, give her all the glory!”

Dejah Grant, senior
Orchestra: cello major

“I’m going to be attending SUNY online with MCC, majoring in psychology. I think the School of the Arts has really set me up to succeed in my future, and I’m really excited to go on to the new chapter.”
What are your summer plans?
“We’re gonna go to Jamaica. I have family down there, so I go almost every year, sometimes twice. So we’re going, then I’ll spend time with him in Chicago.”
Where did you get your dress?
“She’s a local designer named Tania Casini, and they do an amazing job. She has a shop in the Elm Ridge plaza.”

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Shannon Gould, senior
Drama major

“I’m going to SUNY Potsdam for anthropology. This summer I'm working — I have an internship at Sew Green.”
Tell me about your dress.
“When I was looking for a prom dress I wanted to do an Edwardian outfit because they have lace embroidery, and the ‘Roaring ’20s’ got people showing off those ankles — I really wanted to wear that especially for the hot weather and whatnot. And when I found this, it reminded me a lot of the ’90s witches in ‘The Craft’ and ‘Charmed.’ The Edwardian time period is my favorite.”

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Alex Webb, junior at U Prep
Statistics major

“Our outfits are inspired by the ‘Spider-Man’ movie, which came out today.”

Makayla Smith, junior
Orchestra: violin major

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Amari Andrews, senior
Dance major

“I’ll study at MCC to be a dental assistant.”
What are your summer plans?
Is your dress Tania Casini?

Umar Richardson
U.S. Postal Service worker

“She gets all the props for the outfits.”

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Yvetta Nelson, paraprofessional at SOTA
“I’m all over the building. In the cafe, in mediations, I escort kids to class when they need it. I’ve been with the city school district for 22 years. I have alopecia, so my hair is constantly changing. The kids ask me ‘Why are you always changing your hair,’ and I will take my wig off.”

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Anthony Rodriguez, senior
Creative writing major

“I want to develop myself in both creative writing and photography. I want to find work related to what I like this summer — photography.”

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Nina Pallotta, junior
Theater tech major

“I’m thinking about pre-med. This summer I’m just hanging out with my family.”

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