Red, white, and GWAR 

Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred in the eyes of GWAR. For the last 30 years, this Richmond, Virginia-based metal band has eviscerated, sodomized, ejaculated, defecated, spewed, chewed, disemboweled, and destroyed social, political, and pop culture convention in a bloody, satirical display. It's a troubled teen's wet dream. It's a comic book nightmare. It's some of the best thrash metal you'll ever hear.

GWAR is beyond controversy with its borderline pornographic stage sets and costumes; it is violent in the extreme. Stunts like throwing fans in a meat grinder, urinating on the crowd, and decapitating a Pope look-alike, have landed GWAR in hot water — including receiving an obscenity charge in Athens, Georgia, in 1992 where the ACLU defended the band and won.  

The band has had its ups and downs — and a revolving cast of characters — topped off by the death of its singer Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) in 2014. GWAR's story is one of apocalyptic proportion: The band, known as the Scumdogs of the Universe, eons ago, set out to destroy the planet Earth after being banished there for their defiance. After More than a dozen albums recorded and hundreds of culture icons defiled, GWAR marches on. Guitarist Pustulus Maximus (Brent Purgason), paused from the mayhem and slaughter to answer some stupid questions from this earthling writer scum. An edited transcript follows.

City: GWAR has set out to destroy the earth but has yet to succeed in that mission. Has it turned out to be a bigger challenge than you first thought?

Pustulus Maximus: Actually this has turned out to be quite the opposite of what you would call "challenging." Humanity is destined to destroy itself, so rather than put in a bunch of work and wear myself out, I figure I can just sit back and watch society come apart at the seams. The already fragile psyche of the human race has placed the utmost emphasis on ego, self-importance, and instant gratification in the realm of social media, thus nullifying any kind of relationship with the real world.

This will collapse physical relationships and human connection entirely. Once they are left devoid of all emotion, except the one that craves attention to satisfy their hungry ego, they will have already been perfectly groomed to become the most perfect and obedient of slaves. Then we take over without firing a shot ... after we let ISIS destroy the government infrastructure of course.

Who currently deserves to get eviscerated by GWAR?

Donald Trump, Kim Davis, Josh Duggar, Jared from Subway, Kanye West, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and any other fool that claims Christianity is under attack. Anyone from a privileged background who cries about being victimized and seeks attention for it deserves more pain and suffering than they will ever receive in this life.

Who does GWAR endorse for president this coming election?

Pustulus for Pres in 2016, of course. I have no financial backing so just write it in. We can forge some birth certificates when it comes down to it. No worries there.

What are some important issues that play into that choice?

Well for one, the whole election process is a huge dog and pony show. It's done to keep you people occupied so the country can be run by the men behind the curtain without being bothered. If you honestly believe there is a difference between a Republican and a Democrat than you have absolutely taken the bait and fallen for their ruse. They want to keep you busy so you fight amongst yourselves about who is better for the country. You label yourselves conservative and liberal to keep you separated from the search for truth, justice, liberty, and true freedom. The freedom you're given is the illusion that you're living a good life because you can afford a flat screen TV and the newest iPod.

As your president, I will not lie to you. I will blatantly tell you the selfish reasons of sending our military to fight unjust wars and not take care of their health upon their return. I will tell you exactly why I will steal all of your money while you keep your head barely above the poverty line. I will also give guns to aborted children. I will grant marriage licenses for anyone to marry who they see fit. Everyone has the right to be miserable while legally chained to another person regardless of their sexual preference. It will be legal to steal from anyone with a net worth of over $200,000. Retirement is not an option as I will not change health care whatsoever to ensure that no one lives long enough to collect social security.  This will be the new America.  Aside from a few points, you may not even notice much of a change at all.

People have labeled GWAR a metal band. I think it's more than that. What do you think?

GWAR is definitely more than just a metal band. Are we under the blanket term of "metal"?  Yes. Heavy metal, punk, rock and roll; its roots are all the same. There are not many other bands that put on a huge show, fight epic battles, decapitate and disembowel foes, and commit vile sexual acts all while shredding guitars — wait, wait, wait a minute —nobody does all that but us. That's why nobody has created the proper nomenclature for what we do. As far as the music, sure, heavy metal, but there's more to this band than music. If a man can't make a living by spraying blood and semen on people than that's a world I don't want to live in.

Has being killed on stage by GWAR helped anyone's career or social standing?

I certainly hope not. I'm pretty sure it's against Richmond, Virginia, scene-law to help any of your peers succeed. That's what I've learned from my experience.

What is the message you want your audience to leave your live show with?

Don't tell anyone this, but some of our shows contain satire ... The message is clear. If you can be offended, you should be offended. You need to see and become aware of the hypocrisy of the government, organized religion, and the moral code imposed on society that isn't really a moral code at all, just another method of making society a bunch of obedient boys and girls. GWAR is your salvation. Even if you don't want to become aware of these injustices of the world, you can just rock out to the music and give your life to us regardless. Seeking to expand your mind with knowledge or becoming a purveyor of truth and justice really just leads to a life of misery anyway. Why not grab a beer and bang your head?

How many gallons of blood and other bodily fluids has the band spewed out over the years?

The equivalent of how much oil has been sucked from the Earth in the name of progression.

Has the band ever considered doing a duets album? If yes, with who?

Joey Ramone is the only one I would do a duet with. I will have to move his corpse to the Pet Cemetery first for resurrection.

What's something GWAR will never do?

Solve a Rubik's Cube.

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