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Sanders lost, but is not defeated

So Sanders lost New York. At least he fought like hell to win. As Gandhi said, "Full effort is full victory." This campaign has always been about more than just election results; Sanders has systematically exposed how the American political system is no longer truly democratic.

For instance, it broke my heart when my wife texted to say that she could not vote because she is registered as an Independent. She was confused, bummed, and a little annoyed. It pissed me off, too. Don't we live in a country that has a Constitution written by the people and for the people? I thought I read somewhere that voting is one of our most sacred enterprises as free citizens?

The brutal truth is that the system has never been fully democratic. How long did it take African Americans and women in general to finally harness the power of the ballot? My wife felt an aspect of that long and terrible struggle.

Why can't a native citizen of legal age register at any time she pleases? Right up to the polls closing, why can't she register to vote? Is this America or not?

I cannot accept that this is the best we can achieve with our opportunity to model democracy for the rest of the world. It will never be ideal, but it does not need to remain broken. Shame on all of us for taking so long to realize how dysfunctional the system has become.

So, yes, Sanders lost New York. But that does not mean Sanders lost. No man who speaks so much truth to power, and is so totally uncontrolled by the corporate and political elite can ever be defeated.


Founder, Gandhi Earth Keepers International

End on-demand scheduling

Another big problem with low-wage jobs, especially in the food service area, is on-demand scheduling ("Project looks at perils of low-wage work," April 20).

For example, one place that I work doesn't post the week's schedule until Thursday for the week that begins on Saturday. That leaves no time to plan for child care, family events, etc.

I have complained, but was told that the law doesn't apply to food service workers. There are many studies which prove that on-demand scheduling is very stressful for workers.

The state has gone after big retailers such as Target and Walmart for this, but there seems to be no help for food service workers.


Put casino in High Falls

A center city casino is not a bad idea, but rather than Main Street, I believe that a better location would be in High Falls, on the site of the former power plant, Beebe Station.

The location could be deeded to the Senecas, and the casino and the accompanying theater and parking would be a powerful draw to the neighborhood. High Falls needs more people, and this could strengthen the planned redevelopment of the Pont de Rennes and further the nearby stadium and Brown Square neighborhood.


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