The Rochester 10 


The thing is, sometimes it feels like six people live in Rochester. The same handful of folks — public officials, corporate leaders, nonprofit muckety-mucks — dominate our headlines week after week. They write our laws. They steer public discourse. They are over-exposed.

Meanwhile, countless people who make greater Rochester a better and more interesting place to live, work, and play don't get the shine they deserve.

CITY's annual Rochester 10 feature is an attempt to turn the spotlight on outstanding, everyday people whose pursuits, passions, and talents enrich our community.

The 2019 Rochester 10 are movers and shakers and up-and-comers who fly under the media radar, but who we should expect to hear more from, and more about, in the future. A champion for local musicians . . . A woman dedicated to ensuring children have unstructured play time . . . A young boy fighting for disability rights . . . A dancer who portrays the personal stories of Native Americans . . . A fashion designer fighting to end gun violence . . .

Their stories and more are inside. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed telling them

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