STUDENT SURVIVAL GUIDE '10: Rochester Neighborhoods 


Residential area named for the zip code that covers it. An ethnically diverse neighborhood that abuts SenecaPark, and the zoo that shares its name.

Landmarks: Nearby SenecaPark Zoo, GeneseeRiver Gorge

19th Ward

Defined by its rallying cry, "Urban by Choice," the 19th Ward is one of the largest communities in Rochester. Diversity is the strong point here, as well as its proximity to many Rochester locations. The neighborhood has seen substantial development in the last several years, including the newly renovated Brooks Landing.

Landmarks: Aberdeen Square, Brooks Landing


A mostly residential area, Beechwood doesn't contain the bustle of other areas of Rochester.  However, it is a quiet, affordable area of the city with some history of its own.

Landmarks: ThomasP.RyanCommunity Center


Renowned for its array of sycamore trees, Browncroft is a charming residential area. It is also quite a historical landmark to boot, as many of the houses within the district are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Landmarks: Nearby EllisonPark


Surprise: Rochester has beachfront property! Charlotte (shar-lot, not shar-lette) is home to beaches, trails, and parks, all thanks to the area being situated between Ontario Lake and the GeneseeRiver. It isn't called the Harbor District for nothing.

Landmarks: OntarioBeachPark, Genesee Lighthouse, LakeOntario

Cobbs Hill

Home to CobbsHillPark and WashingtonGrovePark, the neighborhood is a bastion of natural beauty within the city limits. CobbsHillPark offers outdoor basketball courts, hiking trails, tennis courts, and its reservoir affords one of the best views of the city. WashingtonGrovePark is more on the nature side, with 100 acres of undeveloped land and trails.

Landmarks: CobbsHillPark, Cobbs Hill Reservoir

Corn Hill

One of the most historic neighborhoods in the city, Corn Hill (and specifically its housing stock) is stunning year-round. Home to the annual Corn Hill Arts Festival every July, as well as riverside Corn Hill Landing, it's an eclectic area with its own distinct vibe.

Landmarks: Corn Hill Landing, Clarissa Street, Corn Hill Arts Festival, Landmark Society of Western New York


In addition to being a daytime hub for local businesses, the center city also encapsulates smaller neighborhoods with their own unique character, like Grove Place, St. Paul Quarter, the East End, the Cascade District, and Washington Square. Interested in a concert, or just looking for a place to go out and get your Lady Gaga on? As the time-old songs says, go downtown.

Landmarks: Water Street Music Hall, Montage Music Hall, Blue Cross Area, Eastman Theatre, Midtown Plaza.

East Avenue

Back in the 19th century East Avenue was the gateway to the city, and the must-have address for Rochester's upper crust. Now it's an anchor the city's cultural district. Some of the mansions that lined the route still stand -- many of them converted into multi-apartment housing -- and it's still a monument to the city's proud past, and one of the great walking-jogging areas in the city.

Landmarks: George Eastman House, RochesterMuseum & ScienceCenter, Wegmans


Home to not one, but two parks, Edgerton is rooted in local history: The 1951 National Basketball Association champions, the Rochester Royals, called the Edgerton Park Arena home for many years. The EdgertonCommunity Center also houses the Stardust Ballroom and the who-says-tiny-can't-be-cool Edgerton Model Train Room.

Landmarks: EdgertonPark, JonesSquarePark, EdgertonCommunity Center.

Highland Park Neighborhood

Known for lilacs -- both the flowering plants and the annual May celebration that features their name -- the Highland Park is the defining characteristic of this primarily residential area. Legendary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted designed the park, and its outdoor arboretum, featuring hundreds of amazing plant specimens, is a must-visit.

Landmarks: ColgateRochesterDivinitySchool, HighlandHospital, Highland Park


Rochester has its very own waterfall right inside of city limits, and this district sprouted up around it back when water powered industry. After years of struggling as an entertainment destination, HighFalls is now transitioning into a business-slash-residential district.

Landmarks: Frontier Field, Genesee Brewing Company, HighFalls


Home to that fresh-baked taste that campus food just can't manage, the eclectic mix of Italian bakeries of this area will have you smelling, and seeing, the strong Italian background that has influenced the growth of this area in no time.

Landmarks: Lyell Avenue.


Maplewood's beauty and elegance speak to the great days of Rochester. With parks designed by the famous Frederick Law Olmsted and a wide array of interesting architecture, the area is sure to inspire even the most lackadaisical college student.

Landmarks: MaplewoodPark, Maplewood Rose Garden, LowerFalls, Genesee Riverview Trail


Many a college student becomes well acquainted with this area without even knowing it. Home to the century-old (and still going!) Rochester Public Market, where people flock to enjoy fresh, affordable produce from myriad vendors. The neighborhood is also going through a bit of a renaissance with new housing projects.

Landmarks: Public Market, Station 55 lofts

Monroe Avenue

You will probably spend many a college night on Monroe Avenue. The neighborhood is filled with bars, clubs, restaurants, and other fun exciting things to do on a night out on the town. One of the premier entertainment districts in Rochester.

Landmarks: Bug Jar, GeneseeCenter for the Arts, many independent restaurants, shops, bars


This UR-adjacent area is packed with college and medical students. The MountHopeCemetery houses many famous Rochester residents, including the graves of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, and is worth strolling through. Several bars and restaurants line the college end of the street.

Landmarks: StrongMemorialHospital, MountHopeCemetery

Neighborhoods of the Arts

Home to the MemorialArtGallery, Village Gate, the Auditorium Theatre, the city's performing-arts high school, and the outdoor art "museum" ArtWalk, this neighborhood is aptly named.

Landmarks: Village Gate, MemorialArtGallery, Main Street Armory, Auditorium Theatre, Blackfriars Theatre, ArtWalk


A working-class neighborhood with lots of turn-of-the-20th-century housing. The nearby 80-acre TryonPark is also a hidden treasure: no signs mark the entrance to this sprawling and trail-ridden landmark, great for hikers and nature lovers alike.

Landmarks: TryonPark

Park Avenue

College-friendly street lined with quality cafes, pubs, salons, shops, and restaurants. A popular off-campus housing location for local students.Comes especially alive during its annual summer festival each August.

Landmarks: Pretty much every shop and restaurant from Culver to Alexander

South Wedge

A hip, artsy district that is home to a diverse population that is very involved in its community. Many restaurants, bars, independent shops, and a few entertainment venues, and even its own bustling farmers market during the warmer months.

Landmarks: A whole slew of locally owned bars, restaurants, and shops

Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood

There are some names that Rochester will never forget, and Susan B. Anthony's is one of them. This neighborhood, home to the Susan B. Anthony House and museum, as well as the FrederickDouglassResourceCenter, is a strong memorial to the history that made Rochester what it is today.

Landmarks: SBA House and Museum


Situated between Monroe Ave, South Wedge, and Highland Park, Swillburg is a residential community with a cool identity of its own. Home to a small selection of interesting shops and historic businesses, plus college-friendly housing options.

Landmarks: Highland Park Diner

Upper Monroe

Close to both Park and Monroe avenues, Upper Monroe is also close to Brighton, an upscale suburb of Rochester that you'll probably visit during your college stay. A great in-between area that connects several others, and features some of the bar-restaurant trickle down from the other end of Monroe.

Landmarks: Monroe Ave shops

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