Frank reviews 'Pearl: Secrets of the Sea' 

The French company Plasticiens Volants  made up for Friday night's forced cancellation due to high winds with two spectacular shows on Saturday night. It was mighty cool, it was mondo epic and truly amazing how they brought these enormous inflatable sea creatures to life over the heads of thousands of mesmerized souls, as their jaws hit the Parcel 5 gravel in awe. Folks squealed with delight, some with fright, justifiably it was a little dark in spots, and the creatures were rather ominous. But come on, who doesn’t like a good monstrous fish.

Plasticiens Volants branded this performance “Pearl: Secrets of the Sea,” but it wasn’t really that scripted. It simply was giant sea creatures, some the size of an RTS bus, that flew about, seemingly to battle over a pearl that came out of a large (house-sized) oyster. It was relatively psychedelic and completely mind blowing. And as for the Philistines who couldn't put down their cell phones even in the face of this artistic wonder, I’ve got a suggestion for Plasticiens Volants: Have one of the sea creatures discreetly leak some of its excess helium and wait and listen as they turn into a sea of freaked out chipmunks….or minnows… yeah, minnows. Lastly, the music was appropriately lush and dreamy, but wouldn’t you know it but I had Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” stuck in my head as I left.

That's all for "Pearl: Secrets of the Sea."

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