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When you're in college there are two important things to focus on. The first is classes and studying. The second is what to do with your life when you're not in classes or studying. College campuses are hives of activity, between fairs, lunches, homecomings, concerts, student events, clubs, parties, etc. And there's plenty more going on in the Greater Rochester area outside that academic bubble.

            So the issue isn't finding something to do; it's knowing what is going on. Unless you happen to see a poster on campus or hear by word-of-mouth, you might miss an amazing experience. There isn't just one place to go for school events, club events, frat events, department events, or whatever other specially hosted event may be going on at each campus. But here's a quick campus-by-campus go-to list to help you find events around you.

University of Rochester's main events calendar has most of the major events, with concerts, exhibitions, sports events, and more. The Students' Association page of events for the student organizations and clubs; good if you're looking for a specific kind of event.

: The Campus Club Connection listing of clubs by type. So if you are interested in joining a club and not just going to their special events, this is the place to look.

Rochester Institute of Technology The College Activities Board puts on festivals, concerts, live stuff, trips, etc. Probably your best bet for campus events at RIT. Big campus events (open houses, homecoming, Imagine RIT), academic events, and more -- not great for weekend plans, however. Place to look for a list of club and fraternity and sorority events, as well as lists, so you can join a club or just get a schedule of a specific club's events.

MonroeCommunity College The Student Government page of events is good for student-run events. MCC has a good listing of stuff to do, but an easy-to-handle URL link is hard to come by. The student life page is a great portal to events - athletics, student government, clubs, etc. This is MCC's huge calendar. It's not an easy URL to remember, but the calendar is expansive and it's easy to narrow your event search to something you're interested in.

SUNY Brockport The big campus listing of events. Listed by date and generally covers all sorts of events from different parts of the school.; The Campus Life page of things to do. Links to big events, but also resources for smaller events and weekly gatherings at various campus locations like The Gallery. Brockport Student Government hosts many events each semester, and its main page is the easiest place to find all of the event schedules.

St. John Fisher The main campus calendar can be found here. Unlike some other schools it actually lists a lot of smaller, more specific events. Events page for The Nest, a source for clubs and organizations at Fisher. Best for live shows, festivals, campus celebrations, sports, etc. This list is put together by the Campus Life office and includes many different kinds of events, not just academic.

Nazareth College The mega list of campus events. Small things like inductions and auditions, to live shows and more, as well as the academic calendar for holidays. Calendar of the athletics department, with a listing of all the college games. The Arts Center puts on all sorts of dance, music, and theater events, and even an eponymous annual dance festival. Check here for a full listing.

SUNY Geneseo Every organization on Geneseo's campus uses one big calendar system, and this is it. It is huge and kind of hard to sift through, but you can find all campus events here. Events list for the college union, includes student organizations and college union programs. The calendar of the Student Association and all of its student events.

Finger Lakes Community College FLCC uses one big calendar system that all organizations and campus groups use for events. It's a huge calendar with everything from sports, performances, fairs, weekly events, and more. This isn't actually a calendar or event listing, but a list of all the clubs and organizations on campus that you can join. E-mail and ask about events or how to come to meetings; the clubs do not have their own sites or their own calendar.

Roberts Wesleyan The main calendar at Roberts, with most of the larger campus events and academic events. The athletics department page, for if you're looking for games or sports events throughout the year. Website for the Cultural Life Center, where you can find performance schedules and other special events.

Major Rochester events calendars

You're going to want to get off campus at some point. Thankfully there is plenty going on in Rochester all year long, from special events to festivals to music concerts to plays to sports games. Below you'll find a list of some places to start looking for some off-campus entertainment. Yes, we're going to promote ourselves. But City Newspaper's website is a great resource for local news, arts, and entertainment, including a comprehensive, searchable calendar under the Events subheading. The official tourism site for Rochester, it includes travel resources, a guide to major events, videos, and more. The official homepage for the City of Rochester. Lots of municipal information, with FAQs on the ins-and-outs of living in the city, plus an events calendar, news from the city, and more.

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