CITY Visits . . . The Lilac Festival 

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On Monday, May 15, CITY visited The Lilac Festival during the Mikaela Davis concert to ask attendees what's on their summer bucket list.

Photos by Mike Martinez, with interviews by Leah Stacy

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Mukund Kuntimad, Dallas
Film & Animation student at RIT

“Lilac Festival, obviously. Also Jazz Festival - I’ve never actually been, I’ve been told about it by friends so I wanna go check out the music. I just moved here to go to school. SOFA for the win!”

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Abe Ellis, Rochester
Student at Genesee Community Charter School

“I wanna go to Durand Beach, and come back here once more. Also, play with my friends outside a lot, ride bikes and swim in my pool.”

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Adelle Reale, Syracuse
Digital marketing specialist

“Camping – I’ve been to Chimney Bluffs the last few years, and now I’m looking at Ithaca for the gorges, the Catskills, anywhere in the Adirondacks. There’s a campsite in Webster that’s like $20 a night so we’ll do an overnight and come back in the morning.”

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Dyllon Scott, Rochester
Security guard

“Number one, I wanna have a good time - let’s get that out of the way. I go jet skiing every summer on Lake Ontario, even though I had a near death experience.”

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Nina Matthanhasak, Greece
Mechanical technician at Harris Communications

“I’m a spur-of-the-moment person, so whatever comes and whoever says ‘let’s go do this,’ I’m up for it.”

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Austin Darling (and Casper), Lima
Assistant manager at Heritage Christian Services

“My wife and I always put Letchworth on our summer to-do list, along with Grassroots Music Festival. In Rochester, probably keep doing our usual: hitting up Swillburger, Monroe/Park Ave., and I’m trying to log a lot of miles with this guy so I can get back in shape. He’s like a little weight. I think half the people in Rochester have a picture of Casper at this point, because we’ll ride all around on my bike.”

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Andrew Dormitzer, Rochester
Student at School 23-Francis Parker

“My dad promised me a treehouse and it still hasn’t been built, so I wanna build that.”

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Pat Tobin, Penfield

“Red Wings games! I’ll go to any game when they’re in town, and I’ll get an Italian sausage.”

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Keith Harris, Rochester

“Jazz Festival, all of it. Depends on what mood I’m in, but maybe I’m getting some BBQ and drinking something light.”

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Nikita Lane, Rochester
Lilac Festival and Innovative Field staff

“I want to do as many roller coasters as I can - personally I like The Superman at Darien Lake.”

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Timothy Dunn, Rochester
Land surveyor

“I work in the sun all day, so it’s rare I spend my free time outside. But as much Party in the Park as possible. I go alone and I don’t end up leaving alone, there’s always friends there.”

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Taylor Farone, Swillburg
Bar manager at Swan Dive

“I try to get out to the lake as much as possible - usually Rock Beach with the dog, hang out, throw the frisbee in the water.”

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Ty Rotoli, Albion
Preceptor for RCSD

“I grew up in the area and have been away for five years. I met my wife, and we decided to come back to the Rochester area and buy a house. I want to show her the signature things like garbage plates, Ontario Beach, the Lilac Fest - we’re here! - and we want to go to the Carifest. I have a whole list.”

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Tyra Jones, Rochester

“I always look forward to the Lilac Festival, Park Ave Fest, Corn Hill Fest, and Jazz Fest. The food is good - I like Taco Dero, and of course, you can’t go wrong with funnel cakes and fried dough.”

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Trevor Lake, Hilton

“Relax, go to Seabreeze, and go to Marge’s.”

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Violet Rotoli
, Albion
Business major at Carnegie Mellon University

“I don’t know anything here, so I’m just following his lead. I just moved here from Dallas, Texas.”

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Mike Russello, Greece
Machine operator and podcaster

“My big thing is always jazz fest, I go in without any expectations and get surprised. Always walk away with a lot of new music to buy. I also do a podcast on local music called 'The Other End of the Hallway,' and you’ll find it on any podcast platform.”

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Matthew Furbee, Franklinville
Carnival customer service

“While I’m here, I want to make sure everyone is happy, they get a prize, and we get smiles on faces. Here for a good atmosphere.”


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